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...Every night, millions of Americans go to bed, only to wake up hours later, under-rested and overtired.

The sad thing is...

Most of these people never get to the root of their sleep problems.

They keep waking up tangled in the blankets wondering where the night went.

Sound familiar?

  • If you’re one of the millions of people who spend hours tossing and turning every night, never getting the quality sleep that you need.
  • Or you struggle to fall asleep fast and wake up refreshed.

I’ve got bad news…

You May Be Magnesium Deficient

Up to 80% of American adults suffer from this health epidemic and it’s ruining their sleep.

If you’re not getting deep, restful sleep every night the reality is you’re probably suffering from symptoms of magnesium deficiency.

Low Levels Of This 'Master Mineral' Can Ruin Sleep.

Which means when you're low on it, there are going to be some side effects.

When you’re really low your body just won’t function properly.

Magnesium is responsible for over 600 processes within your body.

Since magnesium plays a vital role in so many of your body's life-giving processes, it's no surprise there are more than 50 health conditions related to magnesium deficiency.

In fact, 3 magnesium deficiency symptoms can be really dangerous because they ruin one of the most important things you need to be healthy — sleep.

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3 Magnesium Deficiency Symptoms
That Stop YOU From Sleeping Every Night


Do you suffer from ‘sleep cramping’?

If so, your muscles could be holding you back from quality sleep. You’re not alone.

Millions of Americans suffer from sleep cramping every night.

Here’s why:

Sleep cramping is a symptom of magnesium deficiency — an epidemic that 80% of American adults are suffering from right now.

Here’s how it works:

Magnesium helps your muscles relax. When your body doesn’t get enough magnesium, your muscles tense up.

That leads to:

  • Cramps
  • Restless Legs
  • Tossing and Turning

Chances are, one (or more) of these have kept you up at night.

They’re all symptoms of a magnesium deficiency that’s robbing you of sleep. If you’re not getting a deep sleep every night, it might be because you suffer from sleep cramping.

Most people don’t even realize that they suffer from it. These are the people who wake up tangled in blankets every morning, wondering where the night went.

The thing is…

There’s an easy solution and I’ll share it with you in just a minute. But first, let’s get into the second sleep-robbing culprit.


It’s no surprise that stress hurts your sleep.

Stress has been linked to many sleep disorders.

Stress can cause hyperarousal, making it harder for you to fall asleep and stay asleep.

The quality and quantity of your sleep are thrown off and you end up with an imbalance between waking hours and sleeping hours.

When you do sleep, you wake up tired which only increases your stress levels.

Magnesium brings your stress levels back down.

This soothing mineral helps your body deal with stress better. When your magnesium levels are low — your stress levels are high. Maintaining proper levels of magnesium is crucial for helping your brain manage stress.

Just adding a little magnesium to your day can help you…

  • Worry Less
  • Relax More
  • Sleep Better

It’s that simple.

Stress is dangerous for many reasons, but perhaps the most alarming is the effect it has on your sleep.

Magnesium eases your mind and helps you sleep better.

The third and final sleep killer may surprise you, but it points to one of the most powerful ways to measure sleep quality.


Do you dream a lot?

Dreams say a lot about the quality of sleep you’re getting. Dreams tell you how much R.E.M. sleep you’re getting each night.

R.E.M. sleep is essential for emotional health.

Throughout the day your mind is impacted by unresolved emotions and during the R.E.M. cycle your mind deals with those emotions by dreaming.

Dreams are sort of like sleep’s scoreboard.

Want to find out your score?

Do this tonight:

When you wake up, write down any dreams you had…as much as you can remember! The more you dream, the higher your score.

Write them down.

If you come up blank, you might be one of the 80% of American adults who aren’t getting the quality sleep they NEED...

One of the people suffering from magnesium deficiency.

Stress… low energy… aches and pains.

These are all symptoms of magnesium deficiency that can ruin your chances of getting the kind of deep, restful sleep you need to reach the R.E.M. cycle and to dream.

Luckily, there’s an easy way to fix this problem.

The Secret To Getting A Better Sleep
Every Night Is Simple: MAGNESIUM

That’s it.

No pills.

No special mattress that you need a remote to use.

Just magnesium.

Making sure to get enough magnesium every day will allow you to get the deep, quality sleep you’re missing.

Magnesium is the easiest way to fall asleep and stay asleep naturally.

All you need to do is replenish your body of this master mineral and you’ll sleep better tonight.

It’s that easy. It’s that quick.

Give your body magnesium and you’ll naturally experience quality sleep with ease.

is Not Just For Sleep

A Magnesium Shortage Is Slowly Draining Your Health and Aging You Faster

It’s pretty plain to see…

Can you guess what happens when there is a magnesium drought affecting your cells?

  • Your tissues dry up and harden
  • Your joints and bones suffer
  • Your mind becomes overwhelmed with stress and thoughts get foggy
  • You lose sleep
  • You can’t manage stress
  • Your energy plummets
  • …and you can't relieve aches and pains

This is the perfect picture of accelerated aging.

​So your body MUST maintain certain levels of Magnesium to to keep you from looking and FEELING older than you really are.

So what can you do about it?

​How can you stop the magnesium shortage?

When Magnesium finally does
"rain down" on your body it brings
long-overdue RELIEF with it…

Your starving cells ‘soak up’ that rain… and your body begins a restoration process:

Comfort to your mind… a restful peace returns to your sleep… suddenly your thoughts are focused, and a vibrant energy fuels your day…

Why Is Magnesium So Important?

It may be modern medicine’s best kept secret. Because it’s a mineral you don’t often hear about.

Which is a shame.

No discussion of more popular minerals such as sodium, potassium or calcium is complete without it.

Because this ‘forgotten’ mineral is the ultimate regulator of over 600 vital processes in your body...

Here are just a few examples:

  •   it ensures deeper, more satisfying sleep…
  •   it fights off blood pollution and calcium
  •   it helps maintain nerve function
  •   it supports a healthy immune system
  •   it relaxes muscles
  •   it helps digest protein and metabolize fat
  •  it transports energy
  •   it keeps joints fluid and mobile
  •   it helps balance blood sugar and curb sugar cravings
  •   it reduces offensive body odors
  •   it combats stress

Which is why ancient Greeks and Romans soaked in mineral baths full of it to help restore their bodies after a hard day’s work.

It’s also why Traditional Chinese Medicine calls it the ‘lamp of life’

And here’s something else to think about:

You may already know the importance of calcium for your bones... But did you know your bones become healthy ONLY with the help of magnesium?

That’s right.

See, it regulates where calcium ends up in your body. Which is why it strengthens and builds your bones… and even helps prevent bone density loss.

And get this: magnesium can help prevent heart concerns because it's a natural blood thinner.

In fact, your doctor knows this...

Even though they may not have told you

Now why do you suppose that is?

Its life-saving power is relied upon day after day in emergency rooms, where it’s found in various forms as a critical component of the crash-cart:

  • If someone’s in need of serious heart support, they use intravenous magnesium to quickly regulate proper heart rhythm…
  • If someone is constipated or needs to prepare for colonoscopy, they give them milk of magnesia… or a bottle of liquid magnesium citrate, which empties their bowels…
  • If pregnant women come in with certain complications, they give them continuous high doses of intravenous magnesium to normalize the situation…

Emergency rooms and intensive care units would be lost without these nutritional medicines.

So... Is your doctor trying to hide something
from you?

No. I don’t believe so.

It’s just that the fat-cats running the pharmaceutical industry use their muscle to throw us off course with disinformation.

They can’t stand the fact that many men and women who take magnesium have been successful in avoiding the need for mainstream medicine. So they trump up misleading claims about magnesium toxicity, drug “interactions” and diarrhetic side effects (all of which I’ll address shortly).

Magnesium is a natural mineral.

Which means it can’t be patented. So they can’t make the kind of money off of it they would on one of their side-effect-riddled drugs. As a matter of consequence they refuse to fund any kind of study designed to do anything except cast magnesium in a bad light.


There are a lot of lies and half-truths to sift through.

This is a prime reason why it’s taken me so long to uncover the truth for myself about magnesium and its safe and natural restorative powers.

Fortunately, you don’t have to waste all that time and effort.

You Can Begin To Restore
Comfort, Ease And Energy
To Your Life Now.

Look… bottom line is: you can think of magnesium as the lynchpin to your health.

Pull that pin and your whole body starts to break down.

That’s why the list of conditions related to magnesium deficiency is so long.

In fact, Sleep related problems are just one of over 50 health conditions that have a direct clinical correlation to magnesium deficiency and respond to magnesium treatment.

It does the same thing for plants by the way — when the magnesium pin is pulled their leaves turn from vibrant green to a hollow yellow… and eventually wither and die.

And none of us wants that process to take place in our bodies.

Which is why it’s vital to keep your own magnesium levels topped off…

To flood your cells with a rush of vital magnesium… and to make sure you never suffer through another magnesium drought again.

There’s just ONE problem

Your body can't create MAGNESIUM on it's own... 

It needs your help to bring it in from an outside source.

Truth be told, this is where fixing the magnesium shortage on your own can get a bit sticky.

​But I’m going to un-stick it for you…

I want better for you.

I want you to be armed with as much knowledge about the restorative powers of magnesium as possible.

So I’m going to quickly lay out:

3 Magnesium-Boosting Practices

...for you to start taking advantage of right now. With a few words of CAUTION

Now this first one may seem obvious…

#1: Eat Magnesium-“Rich” Foods

My five favorites are:

1. Kelp

2. Pumpkin Seeds

3. Collard Greens

4. Garlic

5. Avocado

Mix that garlic with a bit of sea salt and a clean oil of your choice for a dressing and you’ve got a nice little salad there.

But here’s a word of caution before you go shopping: take the phrase “magnesium rich” loosely. Because while these foods contain higher levels of magnesium relative to other foods you might be eating, there’s still one problem...

Food is NOT going to be enough.

That’s because right now our food is grown in devastated soil.

Soil that’s deteriorated from acid rain… lack of crop rotation… and lack of land rest.

And do you know what happens when the soil is finally ‘tended to’?

It’s ‘replenished’ with incomplete care. With fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium… leaving out magnesium altogether.

And while certified organic foods and those from local farmers have substantially higher quantities of magnesium than conventional farms… it’s still not enough to end your magnesium drought.

How can it be?

If the food you’re eating isn’t grown in soil replenished with the right balance of minerals, the food will automatically be mineral deficient.

It only makes sense.

​This means that…

Even if you’re eating a paleo diet, a raw diet or are juicing, you still won’t get enough magnesium from your diet to counter deficiency and top your levels off.

In fact, experts claim our food and water are so depleted in magnesium they don’t even come close to supplying what the same foods would have given us 70 years ago.

Which makes this next practice even more vital. Because with rise in pollution and stress, your demands for the magnesium are higher than ever…

#2: Avoid Magnesium-Draining Habits

Here’s an alarming statistic to consider:

​Recent government studies reveal 68-80% of the American population is magnesium deficient.

​Picture it this way…

You’re waiting in a doctor’s office along with 9 other people. That’s 10 men and women sitting there patiently, waiting for relief. And, according to statistics, 8 of those 10 people your physician examines will be magnesium deficient and not even know it.

Why is this the case? 

Well, the National Academy of Sciences reports most American women only get about 70% of the recommended daily allowance of magnesium; men average only about 80%.

Which should come as no surprise… since you now know the odds of bringing in enough magnesium from mineral-deficient foods are not in your favor.


Magnesium-draining activities are at work right now
depleting what little stores you do have.

Because depending on the environment you're in and the things you do, modern life conspires to steal what little magnesium you’re holding onto.

And much like a vampire sucking the blood out of its victim, there are many places and things that suck the magnesium out of your body.

Leaving you dangerously low on the good stuff. And requiring you to take in even more than the daily recommended allowance to not only keep levels normal, but to fight off deficiency.

In the interest of time I’m only going to cover one of them quickly right now: STRESS…

However, stress comes in many shapes and sizes…

Here’s how it plays into the equation:

You see, your body responds to various types of thoughts, feelings and activities by releasing the ‘fight or flight’ hormones adrenalin and cortisol.

These hormones are fine… and life-saving when you are trying to outrun a wild animal or meet a deadline. But they’re only meant to kick in during times of dire need.

If stress in your life is high, especially if you don’t get enough exercise or sleep, your bloodstream may be flooded with these hormones on a regular basis.

And this causes magnesium to be sucked out of your cells and lost in your urine.

In fact, I’ve discovered 6 more common magnesium-draining habits you should know about… things my doctor never told me about. Things I had to uncover for myself. And at the end of this letter I’m going to tell you how to access a free resource that details those 6 — we’re almost there…

Here’s the main thing you need to consider right now though:

You always want to wake up feeling full of energy… ready to go ready to tackle the day…

You shouldn’t be tired and foggy, slogging out of bed in the morning.

Listen, if you need some kind of stimulant, like coffee or tea or an energy drink to get you through the day… or if you need alcohol or medication just to ‘take the edge off’ at night … that’s a surefire sign stress is feeding on your magnesium stores and your levels need topping off asap.

Because topping your magnesium levels off is an antidote to tension and stress and allows for deeper sleep and overnight bodily restoration.

And with modern day stress weighing more heavily on you and me than ever before, it’s absolutely vital you secure enough magnesium so your body can cope.

But if your body can’t make it on its own and you can’t rely on a diet chock-full of “magnesium-rich” foods to replete your stores… what are you to do?


#3. Take The Right Kind Of Magnesium Supplement

If magnesium is critical, why do so many magnesium supplements fail to give you any restorative effects at all?

Why is it the ones that do give you relief take so long to do it? Some taking as long as two years to fully replenish your magnesium shortage?

And why is it some have unwelcome ‘inconveniences’…

It boils down to two things.

Two Vital Therapeutic Factors Your
Magnesium Supplement Must Respect

…if it’s to be worth your time, your money and your faith
that better sleep could be on the way…

Here’s what they are…

Therapeutic Factor #1: BIOCOMPATIBILITY

The reality is, magnesium can’t be taken into your body all on its own. Won’t work that way.

It needs to be connected to some other molecule for your body to be able to make use of it.

Which is why you may have heard of various forms of magnesium. Such as:

  • Magnesium Oxide
  • Magnesium Sulfate
  • Magnesium Glycanate
  • Magnesium Carbonate
  • Magnesium Chloride

Each of these forms has a different ‘personality’, let’s say.

And the biocompatibility of these forms simply refers to how well those personalities get along with the cells in your body.

This is determined by whether the supplement plays nice with your cells and does its job… or whether the supplement and your cells ‘rub each other the wrong way’ and end up not working out.

You can think of it like two people being compatible enough in a relationship for their marriage to be a happy one.

They either have the good chemistry to make it last… or they don’t and end up in splits-ville.

Then there’s this:

Therapeutic Factor #2: BIOAVAILABILITY

How much of the supplement you’re taking actually makes it into your bloodstream where it can go to work? And, how much of that supplement ends up wasted?

That’s bioavailability.

If you’re going to spend time and money on a supplement, you want to get the most bang for your buck, right?

Because in this case, your health literally depends on it…

The less bioavailable that supplement is, the longer it takes you to get results.

And in cases where bioavailability is low, you may not get any results at all (even if the supplement is super biocompatible).

Here’s the thing:

I’ve spent thousands of hours searching for a form of magnesium that respects, these two therapeutic factors

A form that has the right biocompatibility and bioavailability to deliver comfort to your body, ease to your mind, peace to your sleep and energy to your day… in a way no other form can.

And over the past decade I’ve found only one kind of magnesium supplement that can do that…

Something more convenient.

Something safer.

Something faster.

Something smarter.

Something new…

I've Uncovered The Shortcut You've Been Waiting For


The First-Of-It's Kind iMCH

For Maximum Magnesium Absorption & Repletion.

"Pure Magnesium Hexahydrate - From The Dead Sea"

~In a 100% Natural Transdermal Spray~

And as you’re about to see it’s the only magnesium supplement available today that takes advantage of cutting-edge scientific technology to create a unique 3-step magnesium shortcut found nowhere else.

Why is it so powerfully effective? Let me explain…

EASE Shortcut # 1— The Chloride-Advantage

When you consume magnesium in various forms through your diet, your digestive system ultimately breaks it down into one form it can use.

And that’s magnesium chloride.

As a testament to its biocompatibility with your body, check this out:

Magnesium chloride is found in sea water. And it’s one of the key reasons the United States Navy relied on seawater during World War II to save their sailor’s lives when medical supplies ran out.

It might seem amazing at first, but… sea water has been used in place of blood for transfusions in emergency situations when blood or plasma isn’t available. And this is possible only because of magnesium chloride’s biocompatibility with your body.

And this is precisely why EASE employs magnesium chloride as a shortcut…

So that you don’t have to invest false hope in other forms… in other magnesium supplements that require additional work and energy to convert to magnesium chloride anyway before they can start working in your body.

EASE Relief Shortcut # 2 — The ‘Hexa-Advantage’

Here’s the thing:

Oral supplementation has appallingly low bioavailability.

Some oral forms have been found to have only a 4% absorption rate. That means only 4% of what you’re trusting for relief is able to make it past your digestive system and to the places where it stands a chance at working. The other 96% you’ve paid for is wasted.

However, if you are looking to clear out your colon, oral supplements are very useful. That’s because the 96% of magnesium that doesn't get absorbed runs right through you… providing an excellent laxative effect.

​EASE solves this problem by leveraging the power of Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate.

This ‘Hexa-Advantage’ allows you to apply EASE through your skin, which provides three important advantages over other delivery routes:

  1. You bypass your digestion system which enhances bioavailability and eliminates laxative side effects.
  2. You’re able to control how much or how little you want to use.
  3. And you gain the advantage of being able to treat both a specific site of discomfort… and allow the magnesium to help restore your entire body’s deficiency at the same time.

You can’t do any of that without the ‘Hexa-Advantage’.

And finally, there’s this:

EASE Relief Shortcut # 3 The ‘i-Advantage’

Relying on the ‘Hexa-Advantage’ alone leaves you with two problems:

First… the magnesium still needs to make it past your skin and into your blood to get to work.

And second… the cells of your body still have to deal with the white noise and static of impurities coming in along with it. This cellular confusion can undermine the effectiveness of the supplement and delay the restorative effects.

To make matters worse, globally contaminated water is making pure, non-toxic magnesium harder and harder to source… which is why many supplement makers out there use junk fillers and sketchy add-on ingredients to round out their formulas. And ultimately toss you supplements that can add insult to injury by selling your something that’s salty, slimy and can dry out your skin.

This is why I’ve dedicated my blood sweat and tears to finding a better way. To creating a supplement you can use less of to find more immediate comfort. One that is not only fast-acting, but safe.

Ultimately, one you can take with peace of mind.

And I’m happy to say, I’ve done just that… through the help of the ‘i-Advantage’…

The “i” stands for “intelligent”. And this combined with the other two relief shortcuts allows EASE to harness the power of Intelligent Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate — iMCH for short.

It’s formulated with state-of-the-art molecular science — the same science that makes smart nutrient delivery possible in the food industry… that makes targeted therapeutics possible in the pharmaceutical industry…

...and makes EASE ultra-pure and high-performing for you and me.

EASE utilizes naturally pure iMCH from the Dead Sea, and fine-tuned in the purest lab conditions…. without the presence of contaminated materials. I make sure EASE is produced only in small batches. No toxins here.

This revolutionary biotech process is truly ahead of its time. It takes twelve careful hours to complete. And ultimately hands you the most bioavailable, biocompatible and intelligent form of magnesium available to you today.

Using iMCH, EASE goes to work providing you relief the instant it touches your skin. That’s right. Even before it begins absorbing into your body it starts bringing comfort and ease to what ails you most.

Look, EASE is the first and only magnesium supplement of its kind. It’s the only one available to you today to harness the power of all 3 magnesium shortcuts.

And this makes sleeping as simple as:


Which is why I want you to Try EASE Today, 100% Risk Free

EASE magnesium is already helping more than 121,285 people correct their magnesium deficiency and get deeper, more restful sleep every night.

You tell me exactly where to send it. And when your shipment of EASE arrives at your door…

Open the package…

Take the bottle out…

Remove the cap…

Spray it on your skin several times.

Rub it in…

And watch it quickly absorb into your skin with no greasy feel, white film or funky odor. Sit back and let the restorative iMCH go to work for you.

EASE is a bioavailable magnesium solution that goes to work FAST.

The result?

Incredible, deep and natural sleep every night you use it.

It’s that simple.

You Just Spray Yourself to Sleep

Getting magnesium into your system easier and faster than ever before — EASE is the easiest way to get the magnesium dose you need everyday and fall asleep naturally.

Spray some EASE on your sore, tense muscles or joints before bed and within seconds you’ll feel a deep calm take over your entire body.

EASE doesn’t just help you sleep. EASE gives you more energy throughout the day. This special magnesium solution helps you get a better sleep every night and wake up feeling rested every morning.

EASE magnesium is our most powerful natural sleep aid.

Doing this every night before bed delivers a powerful dose of bioavailable magnesium straight to your muscles and actually addresses the root cause of your sleep problem — magnesium deficiency.

  •  Each bottle contains a 30-day supply of EASE.
  • Each spray delivers 27.2 mg of restorative iMCH to your cells.
  • And remember, EASE is non-sticky, non-greasy, with zero odor…

Which means you can use it right before bed, first thing in the morning… or any time throughout the day, whether at home, at work or out and about… with no worries at all.

Now, you may be wondering if EASE
is right for you…

Well let me address any concerns you may have by introducing you to just a few (of the thousands) of people who EASE was right for:

EASE was right for Marilyn B… who says

“I ordered one bottle back when you first started promoting it. I have to say I really love it and noticed that I sleep better and my stress levels go down. I am able to focus better especially with having four young ones to take care of. Thank you.”

EASE was right for Barbara M… who says

"I never would have thought Ease could help as much as it has. I started having problems sleeping and eating right after my husband passed away. I started using Ease twice a day and within just a few days I started sleeping through the night again. I also know if I miss using Ease my sleep is not good until I get back to regular use."

EASE was right for Nick B… who says

“About 20 years ago I suffered from extreme pain and sleep deprivation caused from my right hip. During this time I've had both hips replaced... I discovered EASE from a similar email in May of this year... This first night used EASE I experienced dreams for the first time in years. I still struggle with getting back to sleep if I wake up during the night. I've learned to reapply during the night when this happens. I also was experiencing back problems from a bulging disc. I am 73 years old and a golfer. I was ready to give it up because of the pain I had each time I played. That has gone away! I talk about EASE to anyone who will listen and know of several people who are using it because of my enthusiasm. Thank you!”

EASE was right for Elaine H… who says

“I have been using this MAGNESIUM Product for the last 2-3 months. I was having severe leg cramps every night. The first three days of using this magnesium they totally were gone. I continue to use this everyday and I have not had a leg cramp since. I know it does all kinds of good stuff for my body and will NEVER stop using it. Thanks for a WONDERFUL product!!”

EASE was right for Steve C… who says

I have been taking Ease for a month and 5 days now. Amazing results from day one! First night I sprayed on the product I slept like I was 30 years old again, 6 ½ hours straight. I have slept great ever since. After 4 days on the product I went for my customary hike mid week. Half way up the first 300 hundred yard rise I noticed my breathing was easy, complete, better somehow and my muscle energy was amazing. I hiked up near my record time and I was out of shape.

I have been keeping track of my health advancements since taking EASE. I have had instant great sleeping results plus many other problems disappear in two weeks on the product: Work out energy level way up, muscle cramping gone, ringing in ear twice a day gone, cold fingers in cold weather hiking subsided significantly but not gone yet, frequent numbness in hands subsided, and my resting pulse rate has dropped 12 beats, a 16% drop! I can’t wait to see what happens next.

Thank you for this product! I have been taking internal magnesium citrate for years knowing I could be depleted. I am telling everyone about it and many people have bought it and are getting great results. My favorite result is a friend who has been an insomniac since childhood. She has gone to every doctor imaginable about this problem with no results and lots of drugs. After 5 days on the product she called and said she sleep great for the first time she can remember.

A Truly Thankful Customer,”

And EASE can be right for you if anything I’ve said today has resonated with you.

What’s a good night's sleep worth to you?

Look, make no mistake about it: I want to help you get a deep, restful, restorative sleep every night. 

And to do that I’m going to give you a few quick-start extras. An exclusive chance to snap up these free special reports when you order EASE today:



Special Report #1:
7 Magnesium-Draining Habits

Free with your purchase

You want to avoid these magnesium vampires at all costs. Most of these you can stop doing immediately. Even though your shipment of EASE will arrive before you know it, this special report gives you simple things you can start doing right now to prevent your magnesium levels from taking a serious dive between now and then.

Special Report #2:
My Top 5 Health-Boosting Supplements

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By now you can already guess that EASE is one of my top five. That should come as no surprise. But I’ve got four more that round out a holistic personal health care plan that give you natural and alternative ways to combat illness and boost your health. And you can rest assured, none of them require popping yet another pill or littering your medicine cabinet with questionable drugs.

Special Report #3:
EASE Owner's Handbook

Free with your purchase

Inside you’ll find:

  • Five EASE custom relief tips
  • Answers to some of the the most frequently asked EASE questions.
  • The best way to incorporate EASE into your lifestyle for the safest and fastest possible results.

Here's What To Do Next

I’m giving you three exclusive opportunities to choose from. And I want you to choose the one that makes the most sense for your current situation…

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...Look, it’s my sincere hope you haven’t come all this way for nothing. So this is my promise to you:

You must be thrilled with the sleep you get using EASE or EASE costs you nothing…

Spray some EASE on your sore, tense muscles or joints before bed and within seconds you’ll feel a deep calm take over your entire body.

Doing this every night before bed delivers a powerful dose of bioavailable magnesium straight to your muscles and actually addresses the root cause of your sleep problem — magnesium deficiency.

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There is no easier natural sleep solution out there that has greater benefits for your long-term health.

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If you’re not getting a great sleep every night within 60 days of taking EASE magnesium — you can have your money back.


If you’re not so satisfied with EASE over the next 60 days that you want to share it with a loved one to help them experience a deep, restful sleep, I’ll refund you the full cost of the bottle(s).

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To your health,

Frequently Asked Questions

1) What are the ingredients?

Our EASE Magnesium is a water based product. The only ingredients in the product are the Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate and purified H2O.

2) Is EASE good for skin?

EASE is great for your whole body, including your skin. We do always recommend spot testing whenever trying a new product. However, most people report softer and healthier skin after using EASE.

3) What makes EASE the highest quality magnesium supplement?

EASE is made from pure, all natural iMCH™ sourced from the Dead Sea. It is some of the most effective, most bioavailable magnesium in the world. iMCH™ is the most compatible version of magnesium because of its ability to be quickly absorbed transdermally (through the skin).

Since your skin is your biggest organ, it allows for the highest absorption without taxing your digestive system, liver or kidneys.

Oral magnesium supplements are poorly absorbed and can wreak havoc on your gut, often causing more harm than good. They also take longer to come into effect.

4) How long do I have to wait before I feel EASE working?

Unlike other supplements, EASE begins working almost immediately. Within minutes of spraying it on your skin, you’ll begin to feel its powerful soothing effect.

Using EASE consistently on a daily basis can reverse your deficiency over time.

5) How much EASE should I use per day?

We recommend 30-40 sprays daily (depending on your sensitivity to the product).

You should spray the product anywhere on the body you're seeking relief. In addition, the following areas are recommended for magnesium maximum absorption: inside the elbows, behind the knees, wrists, top of your feet, stomach. We often recommend using the product right after a shower, towel dry, spray on and rub in: the magnesium absorbs within 90 seconds. Each spray delivers 23mg of magnesium.​

6) What if the product doesn’t work for me?

While most customers love EASE, if for any reason you feel unsatisfied with your purchase you are completely covered under our 60-day guarantee.

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